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What people have to say about their experience with VSG Advantage Training

Paul Turner
Former Senior Director Event Operations
AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys

Kameron Durham
VP of Guest Experience
SoFi Stadium

“As COO of the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, I brought VSG AT in to lead our entire management team through a team building process. Simply stated, the training was phenomenal. It became all the ‘buzz’ in the office, with great take-aways and tools that truly influenced the culture for the better.”
Adina Erwin

General Manager, Barclay Center

“Richard is an amazing facilitator who was able to get our team to see each other in a different light. I can’t say enough good things about his skills and the value his training brings to an organization.”

Todd Hunt, CVE

Former Director, Bancorp South Arena

“We had the pleasure of having Richard Andersen conduct development training for our full-time employees and were blown away by his programming and technique. The training enhanced our overall organizational awareness and productivity.”

Sandy Lim

VP Human Resources, Los Angeles Football Club

“A thoughtful and witty speaker, Richard’s presentation moved our organization forward in a meaningful way.”

Michael Marion, CVE

General Manager, Simmons Bank Arena

“He facilitated in such an honest, thought-provoking style that he kept the attention and engagement of our entire group.”

Jan Addison

Past Director, Orange County Convention Center, Florida

“After participating in several of these programs over my 35-year career, this program by far exceeds all others! The materials and approach were unique and valuable. VSG’s highly dedicated team and unique training approach, coupled with their industry knowledge, created a fun and lasting impact on our team. Truly, over delivered on what they promised, taking our high-performance team to another level.”

Bill Bailey

VP and Managing Director, Legends LASED Project

“His passion and generosity of spirit are contagious and make his sessions a great experience for all.”

Jamie Galileo, SVP

Vivint Smart Home Arena/Utah Jazz/Salt Lake Bees Triple A Baseball

“Captivating speaking skills and personality”

Miles Eaton

Former Treasurer, Society of Government Meeting Professionals

“The process of identifying what makes a company great, why we show up every day, and how we want to treat each other is existentially necessary but hard work! Navigating this process with Richard was incredibly enriching and fulfilling. Richard spent months learning about our business and team and then built a program that, as he promised, guided us to our desired outcome.”

Gila Jones

COO, Westbrook Inc.

““A great learning session for ALL involved and quite frankly a game-changer for me!”

Patrick Scanlon

Senior Director Guest Experience, Cavaliers Operating Co.

“Richard and the VSG Advantage Training team designed and delivered a customized facilitation providing us a unique and truly impacting guest service perspective. The whole experience has really pushed us forward and the feedback from our event staff and service team leadership has been highly positive as well.”

Dennis DaPra

Executive Vice President & General Manager, PNC Park/Facilities

“Richard brought the hammer with the VSG advantage training, it brought together a diverse group of our supervisors and game day staff in a way that has not been matched. His energy and passion for developing people turned the page for our group and maximized our focus on culture and creating Sooner Magic!”

Michael Bernie

Assistant Athletic Director, Event Management and Operations, University of Oklahoma

“I can’t thank Richard and the VSG Advantage Training Team enough for the great job they did providing us such a great supervisor leadership training program. They listened to our needs and then through their customized approach helped all of us understand how to provide next-level service, giving us the specific tools we need to empower our team members to do so as well.”
Danny Garcia

Manager, Guest Experience, Pittsburgh Pirates

“Through the collaborative process, Richard facilitated, our crew drilled down on what deeply mattered to us. The fast-paced – yet thoughtful – process allowed our team to connect on our shared purpose and energize our vision for how we serve one another and our guests.”
Tammi Bryant

Director of Marketing, Tacoma Venues & Events

“The training was very helpful to our leadership team; we regularly reference what Richard helped us develop as a tool for navigating team dynamics and group culture.”

Lisa Cochran

Executive Director, Extra Mile Arena, Boise State University

“The 363 feedback process has been a great help in improving my leadership skills. It was very simple to do and I found the results easy to understand. It reinforced some of my self perceptions, but also brought to my attention areas that I didn’t realize I needed to improve. My employees appreciated that I was willing to look at myself and I feel it has added to the esprit de corp of our operation. At no time did I feel it was just a bitch session.”
Michael Marion, CVE

General Manager, Simmons Bank Arena

“Richard and the entire VSG team brought a sense of real world application to great customer service and our culture of game day experience through our staff. Not just something from a textbook but a data and shared experience driven approach that made success achievable and measurable for our team. His spirit and gusto is contagious and resonated with staff because they could tell he lives and breathes what he teaches.”
Michael Bernie

Assistant Athletic Director, Event Management and Operations, University of Oklahoma

“Whenever I think about bringing in a group to help with customer service training I always want them to be people who understand what it’s like to be on the ground in our business. Richard, Russ and their extended teams are made up of professionals who have been in my shoes and know what I can realistically accomplish. This sets them apart.”

Antony Bonavita, CVE

Senior VP Facility Operations, Cavaliers Operating Co.