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Safety Training for Event Staff

Our essential front-line event and venue personnel preparation program focuses on situational awareness and understanding the core components of delivering and maintaining a safe and secure venue.

Included in this clear and concise session is critical information and inspiration around the importance of being an active and aware staff participant.

People at a concert

Your team will learn

Situational Awareness

Crowd Management

Incident Response

Dealing with Difficult Guests

Event Safety Briefing

Who Needs It

Every member of your frontline event staff needs to go through this training. Unexpected issues impact venues every day. In most cases, a lack of knowledge and awareness combine with complacency to allow the situation to evolve or elevate.

How We Do It

We incorporate the best in adult education training techniques to deliver core messages you want your team to understand. Sessions are engaging, relevant and actionable and the safety tools they learn become ingrained into their daily routines.

Our training doesn’t end when we leave. We also provide you a professionally scripted and detailed playbook of tools and reminders that are easily and effectively incorporated into your future event briefings.

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