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Fortifying your frontline

Instilling a sense of purpose in your guest services employees

We all know great guest service requires your frontline team members to acquire the necessary skills to do their jobs: scanning a ticket, cleaning a seat, directing a guest. More importantly, it also requires that each team member understand their purpose, the real reason they are there: to provide a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience for each guest. Our customized venue-specific program underscores this “purpose” through our proprietary 4S Platform: Safety, Service, Smiles, and Success. Our GUESTS program effectively asks each participant to personally commit to delivering a great experience.

Richard Andersen, VSG’s Chief Illuminations Officer, discusses the advantages of GUESTS training

Employees learn to

anticipate customer needs

provide a targeted suggestion

ask the right question

offer assistance a guest may have been hesitant to ask for or didn’t expect

Establish that special connection that makes the difference between a good experience and a memorable one!

Who Needs It

Any frontline employee, whether a rookie or seasoned veteran, can benefit from an emphasis on why we do what we do, and how we can do it better. Our programs support both new and returning team members. New employees gain the necessary basics to immediately become effective service-focused team members. Your veterans receive highly customized materials combining reminders on the basics with more advanced insights, enhancing their ability to provide a great service experience.

How We Do It

VSG provides cutting-edge tactical tools developed specifically to enhance your team’s service skill set. We inspire your employees to focus on their purpose. The interactive nature of the program leads to heightened participant enjoyment and engagement, critical factors for adult learning. GUESTS training sticks with your team, delivering the information you want to convey in a manner customized to your venue.

GUESTS Curriculum

Year 1: New Staff

  • Safety Essentials
  • Identifying Guest Needs
  • Body Language Matters
  • De-escalating Stressful Situations
  • TEAMWORK (part 1)
  • Making Memories

Year 2: Returning Staff

  • Anticipating Guest Needs
  • See Something – Do Something
  • TEAMWORK (Part 2)
  • Smiles to Success
  • People Reading
  • Dealing With the Difficult Guest

What people are saying about GUESTS guest services training

“I can’t thank Richard and the VSG Advantage Training Team enough for the great job they did providing us such a great supervisor leadership training program. They listened to our needs and then through their customized approach helped all of us understand how to provide next-level service, giving us the specific tools we need to empower our team members to do so as well.”
Danny Garcia

Manager, Guest Experience, Pittsburgh Pirates

“Richard and the entire VSG team brought a sense of real world application to great customer service and our culture of game day experience through our staff. Not just something from a textbook but a data and shared experience driven approach that made success achievable and measurable for our team. His spirit and gusto is contagious and resonated with staff because they could tell he lives and breathes what he teaches.”

Michael Bernie

Assistant Athletic Director, Event Management and Operations, University of Oklahoma

“Richard is a kind, selfless, and gracious leader. He’s always willing to share his wisdom and knowledge, and he’s always willing to make us better. You cannot fail with Richard on your team.”

Kameron Durham
VP of Guest Experience
SoFi Stadium