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An operator’s manual for people

VSG Advantage Training has created the most effective organizational and personal development program on the market, powered by the world’s leading assessment tool (Everything DiSC Workplace®). The VSG Advantage Training DISCOVER® process moves participants to better understand themselves and others, providing actionable ways to strengthen relationships in the workplace. DISCOVER helps dissolve the filters and silos that stifle honest, supportive conversations at work. Team members’ newly formed insights allow them to clearly identify their own strengths and blind spots, resulting in a more effective valuing of differences. Discover the lifelong positive impacts on individual team members’ growth and overall organizational progress.

Reported results

Improved collaboration and teamwork

Better communication among peers and across teams

Fewer nonproductive, petty judgments

Increased speed in integrating new team members

Who Needs It

DISCOVER is a comprehensive organizational development program that benefits every team member professionally and personally. The overall results include measurable improvements in employee engagement and teamwork, quality of workplace culture, and progress towards the desired operational results.

How We Do It

Participants complete a simple to execute a pre-session assessment. Our best-in-class research-validated assessment provides new insights and clarity around specific personality strengths and related impacts. With this information as our foundation, we lead your team on an engaging interactive journey filled with “AHA’s”. A combination of energizing self-discovery activities, individual, small, and larger group-focused interaction and targeted audio-visuals are customized for your venue and workplace.

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What people are saying about DISCOVER

“As COO of the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, I brought VSG AT in to lead our entire management team through a team building process. Simply stated, the training was phenomenal. It became all the ‘buzz’ in the office, with great take-aways and tools that truly influenced the culture for the better.”
Adina Erwin

General Manager, Barclay Center

“After participating in several of these programs over my 35-year career, this program by far exceeds all others! The materials and approach were unique and valuable.”

Bill Bailey

SVP Projects Director, Legends

“We had the pleasure of having Richard Andersen conduct development training for our full-time employees and were blown away by his programming and technique. The training enhanced our overall organizational awareness and productivity.”

Sandy Lim

VP Human Resources, Los Angeles Football Club