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It’s more than mission and values

Inspire employee commitment by getting to WHY!

Most businesses can tell you “what we do” and many are clear on “how we do it” yet, research shows that only a small percentage of the workforce understands “why” we do what we do. The “why” is the basis for a Mission Statement: the secret sauce that positions an organization for long-term greatness.

Long-Lasting results

Clear expectations

Inspired by your mission

Enhanced operating results

Greater employee retention and satisfaction

Mission = why we exist

Values = how we agree to work together to achieve our Mission

Who Needs It

Culture Matters—and Mission and Values are the cornerstone for any organization that desires to build a solid foundation for success.

How We Do It

The VSG Advantage approach leads your team through thought-provoking exercises and storytelling to focus on the contribution you make and the resulting impact. Your unique Mission Statement becomes the foundation on which is built a set of guiding principles that define how everyone agrees to work together.

The VSG Advantage

VSG Advantage incorporates cutting-edge adult educational techniques to draw out what deeply matters to your team. Your employees are motivated to focus on the contribution and impacts your organization makes. The interactive nature of the program encourages participant enjoyment and engagement, inspiring commitment to the result.

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What people are saying about CULTURE MATTERS training

“The process of identifying what makes a company great, why we show up every day, and how we want to treat each other is existentially necessary but hard work! Navigating this process with Richard was incredibly enriching and fulfilling.”

Gila Jones

COO, Westbrook Inc.

“Through the collaborative process, Richard facilitated, our crew drilled down on what deeply mattered to us. The fast-paced – yet thoughtful – process allowed our team to connect on our shared purpose and energize our vision for how we serve one another and our guests.”
Tammi Bryant

Director of Marketing, Tacoma Venues & Events

“The training was very helpful to our leadership team; we regularly reference what Richard helped us develop as a tool for navigating team dynamics and group culture.”
Lisa Cochran

Executive Director, Extra Mile Arena, Boise State University