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Equip your event supervisors for success

Managers and supervisors gain confidence and valuable skills

Most Event Supervisors move into their positions because they are great at doing their job. Research however shows the overwhelming majority receive little to no leadership training to support them in their new roles. Our customized, venue-specific learning experience will increase the effectiveness of anyone in an event supervisory role. Participants deepen their understanding of themselves and their staff while learning how their management style influences their decision-making and problem-solving. Participants walk away with concrete strategies to help them adapt to the unique styles of their team members, enabling them to bring out the best in their people.

Richard Andersen, VSG’s Chief Illuminations Officer, discusses the advantages of ASCEND training

Supervisors gain confidence and valuable skills in:

Consensus Building

Effective Communications

Handling Employee Complaints

Managing Challenging Employees

Problem Solving

Priority Management

Motivating Event Staff

Coaching for Superior Staff Performance

Venue Ethics for Leaders

Who Needs It

Supervisors and Managers typically begin their venue careers on the front line, as ushers, security, ticket takers, greeters, parking attendants, etc. Because they excel in these roles when an opportunity for promotion occurs they are often our first choice. As they become new Managers/Supervisors they know what needs to be done, but they often lack the knowledge and skills to lead others to do it.

How We Do It

The ASCEND program bridges the gap from front-line to supervisor, using Everything DiSC as the foundation. Our facilitators are seasoned venue professionals delivering the latest in researched-based adult education techniques, including personal reflection, small and large group interaction, and multi-media. All VSG-AT programs can be facilitated on-site or virtually.

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What people are saying about ASCEND manager and supervisor training

“A great learning session for ALL involved and quite frankly a game-changer for me!”

Patrick Scanlon

Senior Director Guest Experience, Cavaliers Operating Co.

“Richard facilitated in such an honest, thought-provoking style that he kept the attention and engagement of our entire group.”

Jan Addison

Director (ret.), Orange County Convention Center, Florida

“Richard brought the hammer with the VSG advantage training, it brought together a diverse group of our supervisors and game day staff in a way that has not been matched. His energy and passion for developing people turned the page for our group and maximized our focus on culture and creating Sooner Magic!”

Michael Bernie

Assistant Athletic Director, Event Management and Operations, University of Oklahoma