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Our venue employee training programs

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High-quality employee training for everyone on your venue staff

Our portfolio of customized training services begins with the best research-based training. We’ve adapted, delivered, and fine-tuned these programs for over a decade, and further customize them to fit your organization’s needs and specific challenges.

Our training programs apply modern principles of adult learning and are active, engaging, and personal, leading to truly noticeable results!

Safety training for event staff

Our essential front-line event and venue personnel preparation program focuses on situational awareness and understanding the core components of delivering and maintaining a safe and secure venue. Included in this clear and concise session is critical information (and inspiration) around the importance of being an active and aware staff participant.

It’s more than mission and values – inspire commitment by getting to why

Draw out what deeply matters to your team and focus on the contribution and impacts your organization makes as we guide your team through the steps of developing your unique mission statement. This work then becomes the foundation for building your organizational values, defining how everyone agrees to work together going forward.

An operator’s manual for people

Powered by Everything DiSC Workplace®, our organizational development program is the most effective tool available to focus your team on learning about themselves and supporting each other, This deeper understanding allows for more effective and positive communication among team members.

Fortify your frontline event staff

Enhance your team’s service skill set. Your employees will learn to anticipate customer needs, establishing the special connection that makes the difference between a good experience and a memorable one. Developed to serve you for the long run, GUESTS is not a “one and done” but is instead an adaptive program you can successfully build on each year.

Preparing leaders at all levels

APEX provides leaders with a better understanding of their own leadership behaviors, how these behaviors impact their effectiveness and the three essential responsibilities of a leader necessary for positive organizational impact.

Build a stronger more effective team

Effective teamwork is the keystone of employee production, satisfaction, and retention. Teams will learn to trust one another, and how to engage in productive conflict around ideas, commit to decisions, and hold one another accountable to ultimately achieve collective results.

Equip your event supervisors for success

Bridge the gap from frontline worker to supervisor and increase the effectiveness of anyone in an event supervisory role. Participants learn how management style influences their approach to decision making and problem-solving. This equips them to adapt to the unique styles of their team members, enabling them to bring out the best in their people.

363° of leadership effectiveness

Specific and constructive feedback from direct reports, peers, bosses, and others align with self-reflection to deliver an outstanding productive development plan for the leader. Using today’s most current and comprehensive assessment tool, our process highlights the critically important component of emotional intelligence. 

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