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Better Together: Enriching Lives in Welcoming Spaces

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A VSG Advantage Training Case Study

The client

Tacoma Venues and Events, owned by the City of Tacoma, WA, operates six venues, including the iconic Tacoma Dome, Greater Tacoma Convention Center, Cheney Stadium, and three performing arts theaters.

The challenge

Like other venue operators across the world, Tacoma Venues and Events (TVE) went dark during the COVID-19 pandemic. When it was time to reopen, TVE found itself facing issues related to employee work passion, connectivity to a purpose and reconsidering the value of their work.

TVE turned to VSG Advantage Training’s Culture Matters program for an inclusive, employee-driven process to reshape its mission statement and operating values.

The fast-paced – yet thoughtful – process allowed our team to energize our vision for how we serve one another and our guests.

Tammi Bryant

Director of Marketing, Tacoma Venues & Events

The Advantage Training solution

With surging COVID cases and uncertainty about restrictions for in-person gatherings, we created a customized training program to address corporate culture needs for TVE. To deliver this training in the midst of pandemic uncertainty, we implemented a fully virtual solution.

VSG Advantage Training presented five two-hour Zoom sessions with facilitated discussions and targeted breakout sessions among 20 members of the TVE team. Even prior to the pandemic, most organizations were struggling with defining what “success” actually looks like. The default for measurement of success was to “results”, i.e. revenues generated, profitability, numbers of events, etc. In our discussions with the TVE group, we instead focused on “why” we do the work we do. We discussed “why” people came to work, “how” they wanted to do their work, and “what” they wanted to achieve with their work. Participants took their discussions back to their own teams, where they obtained feedback and consensus before we drafted the final documents.

We accomplished a successful outcome by utilizing small group breakout discussions (we know that transformation happens in small groups), followed by large group summaries presented by each small group. This led to lively and engaging group focused discussions on what deeply mattered to them as a team. In essence, over our time together they came to a clear and inspirational understanding of their “why” they do what they do.

We followed with a set of similarly facilitated sessions around how they agreed to work together going forward, all supported by thought-provoking handouts, best practices visual graphic templates, storytelling, inspirational videos and summary documentations.

The results

In the end, TVE’s inspirational mission (why) statement connected to new operating values has become a game changer for their approach to working together and making a difference in the greater Tacoma marketplace.

Participants recognized that people want to wake up and come to work inspired, feel safe where they are, and end the day fulfilled by their work. They identified shared values around safety, inclusion, unity, and memories. The resulting mission statement, “Better Together: Enriching Lives in Welcoming Spaces” reflects their commitment to one another as well as their customers.

“Our crew drilled down on what deeply matters to us,” explained Tammi Bryant, TVE Director of Marketing, “Richard facilitated a process that was collaborative, fast-paced and thoughtful. Culture Matters allowed us to connect about our shared purpose and energized our vision for how we serve one another and our guests.”

Click here for the presentation created by TVE to share their inspirational new mission statement.

Want to create inspirational mission and vision statements for your organization?

Culture Matters is customized to each client organization. Contact us to learn more. Or learn how to facilitate your own program in our article: Are employee challenges impeding your organization’s success?

Richard Anderson, CVE is a frequent keynote speaker and the Chief Illuminations Officer at VSG Advantage Training. After a 35-year career that included top executive roles at Florida’s Joe Robbie (Hard Rock) Stadium and San Diego’s Petco Park, Richard considers it his mission to help people recognize their own innate potential. “I believe it is not until we strive to become a servant leader that we find the inner peace, satisfaction, and joy we deeply desire.”

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