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For over a decade, we’ve developed, customized, and implemented training that illuminates human potential and equips frontline staff, supervisors, and senior managers with the tools to achieve excellence.

Our clients report a significant increase in purpose, pride, and ownership among their employees. Give your employees and guests the gift of VSG Advantage Training.

Chief Illuminations Officer, Richard Andersen, talks about the value of VSG Advantage Training

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Research clearly shows organizations investing in leadership development perform significantly better than those that do not. Leadership development is key to building a high-performing team, optimizing employee potential, and preparing the next generation of leaders. Our extensive C Suite Leadership experience coupled with the best tools and training techniques anywhere help you take your team to the next level. Let us help you encourage forward-thinking and build better leaders at all levels.



Effective teamwork is the keystone of employee production, satisfaction, and retention. We train teams how to trust one another, engage in productive conflict around ideas, commit to decisions, and hold one another accountable to ultimately achieve collective results.


guest services

Our cutting-edge tactical tools are specifically developed to enhance your team’s service skill set and inspire your employees to focus on their purpose. The interactive and customized nature of our programs leads to heightened participant enjoyment and engagement.


Supervisors & managers

Most Supervisors move into their roles because they are great as frontline service employees. However, doing a job and leading others to do a job requires very different skills. Our customized, venue-specific leadership training programs will increase the effectiveness of anyone in an event supervisory role. Participants walk away with concrete strategies to help them adapt to the unique styles of their team members, enabling them to bring out the best in their people.


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Through extensive and ongoing work with sports and entertainment venues and professional sports teams, we’ve built a reputation for consistent delivery of best practices. Our employee training programs result in greater commitment to your mission and values, more effective teamwork, and greater employee satisfaction.

“Richard spent months learning about our business and team and then built a program that, as he promised, guided us to our desired outcome.”

Gila Jones

Chief Operating Officer, Westbrook Inc.

“Richard and the VSG Advantage Training team designed and delivered a customized facilitation providing us a unique and truly impacting guest service perspective. The whole experience has really pushed us forward and the feedback from our event staff and service team leadership has been highly positive as well.”

Dennis DaPra

Executive Vice President & General Manager, PNC Park

“VSG’s highly dedicated team and unique training approach, coupled with their industry knowledge, created a fun and lasting impact on our team. Truly, over delivered on what they promised, taking our high-performance team to another level.”

Bill Bailey

Senior Vice President Project Development, Legends

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Are you a doer or a leader?

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